Since the production and harvest time of the fruits are different, all fruits cannot be found in all seasons. In order to meet the consumers' juice demand, concentration process is carried out by protecting the naturalness of the fruits and dissipating their water. Thus, the juices are kept with all freshness. Concentrates are stored in aseptic and non-aseptic packages in appropriate storage conditions until they come to the factory and are put into production.

Sterile conditions, quality control at every stage, the use of raw materials and intermediates to obtain the most delicious mixture are of great importance in the production of Juss products.

The amount of materials such as water, citric acid and sugar is adjusted according to the Turkish Food Codex Regulation by the metering equipment in the automation system.

Destruction of microorganisms that cause spoilage in fruit juices and packaging them so that they do not contaminate microorganisms is the secret of long shelf life. In order for the microorganisms to die, juice is kept at 95 °C for 30 seconds and then immediately cooled to 20-25°C. This process is called "pasteurization with UHT." After this process, the juice is filled in sterile packaging in an aseptic compartment and the package is sealed.

No protective additives are used in the products due to aseptic packaging and pasteurisation process.

Juss is a leading brand which enables easy pouring and which brings innovations to the sector with the package which is a first in Turkey!

Not once, constant control!

Raw material receival, usage in production and process, filling, packaging, warehouse and shipment … Creation and control of quality continues at every stage of the production process.

Concentrates taken into the field where production will be made are opened by making all necessary checks in terms of traceability and quality under the supervision of quality department. Besides this, after the preparation of the solutions of other inputs to be used in production (citric acid and sugar) samples are taken and necessary controls are performed.

The samples are taken by the quality team from the concentrate tank and the necessary analyses are carried out. The quality control checks the conformity of the product values with the established specifications and the final water is taken into the product. The laboratory team then takes a sample again and checks the product values and approves it in the event that they comply with the prescribed values.

In Quality Assurance Laboratory;

1- Physical Analyses

2- Chemical Analyses

3- Microbiological Analyses are carried out.

After analysing the samples taken during product preparation, results are confirmed by entering into the 'Lab Master' system. Without approval, the next stage of production will never be initiated.

Moreover, according to the Regulation regarding Microbiological Criteria, juice / nectar / fruit beverage products need to be commercially sterile. 

Commercial sterilization requirement: It is the condition that the product should not change more than ± 0.5 after 7 days at 35-37 ° C and 10 days at 50-55 ° C. This period is called incubation time. During this period, the products are in quality assurance status in the factory. Following the end of the period and performance of the analyses, the products can be put on the market if they meet the requirements of commercial sterilization.


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